To start the IPTV Restream, you need to be knowledgeable and in-depth knowledge.Here we answer all questions. How to Restream IPTV, please read carefully the following.

The first, you need a stable server and have a built-in Xtream-code, XUI, Xtream Ui license, this is the platform for IPTV Restream.

Setup Xtream-Codes

If you want to buy channels to start IPTV Restream, first you need a stable server and have built-in Xtream-Codes or another Restream platform. If you use the Unlicensed Software or the Xtream-Codes Crack, it will not work.

Buy Channels (Connection)

List of channels for Restream and List for Personal Account is different, You will receive a list of channels for Restream when we send to your Email.


After you buy it, we will support you to upload VOD for the first time. We will upload VOD package you want to buy on your server.

Request your 24-hour test with all our Restream channels.

Our test line contains all our content related to Restream, you just have to add 2 Connections to your server and test them.

Try 24H ours with more than 90k Ch. for Restream

Here we leave you all our Restream plans that we have for you to start your own business with IPTV.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help you.E-mail: Click Here


You can pay with skrill, PayPal, Bitcoin, Western Union or credit card

If you want to pay with PayPal, please only send as a friend or family.

Please contact Skype for support faster:
or email

You can buy xtream-code license. You can’t use xtream-codes IPTV panel crack. With cracked version, you can’t restream. Please buy it.

It depends on how many customers you have. If you just start restream this is my recommendation.

Iptv restream is for person want build iptv service.

What is IPTV Restream ?

Re-transmit IPTV, which means that you use my transmission with your server and the use of your client from your server.

The total user can use their IPTV service depending on their server (bandwidth of their server)

For example, your server has a guaranteed bandwidth of 1 Gbps that approximately 150 users can view at the same time.

Some companies have the good server for IPTV:,, datapacket, …

If you just start rebooting and looking for a server, I recommend They have the good server for streaming with many locations. When you request a server and make a note: will have a 10% discount in the third month of use.

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